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You’ve worked too hard to earn your reputation as a medical provider. Get the guidance you need to find great medical malpractice coverage for your practice.

Why Aegis?

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Find your policy

We’ll get you quotes from the nation’s top malpractice carriers—and help you understand the pros and cons of each—to get you great coverage at the best price.

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We provide weekly educational content to empower you with the knowledge you need to make the best insurance decisions for your practice.

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Medical malpractice is all we do — and it’s all we’ve done for over 20 years. We stay on top of industry trends, carrier news, and more to support you.

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Get protected with 4 simple steps.


Start your custom coverage proposal

On our 10-minute discovery call, we’ll gather all the info we need to put together your policy options.


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Review your custom market overview and compare each policy option’s benefits. We’re here to answer your questions.


Get protected

Just digitally sign your application — we’ll handle the rest and send your Certificate of Insurance ASAP.


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We stay on top of the industry so you don’t have to.

“Proactive with coverage solutions”

“Aegis is always on top of my medical group’s needs and proactive with coverage solutions. Jennifer Wiggins embodies excellent customer service — she knows medmal insurance inside and out, and you can trust her to protect your business.”
— Dan, CEO, Anesthesiology Group

We are here to help.

Medical malpractice insurance is one of the top expenses for a doctor. And practicing without it is a risk no medical professional should take!

We know you want to find the best coverage for your practice—at a price you’re comfortable with.

But the medical malpractice insurance industry can be tough to navigate, whether you’re just beginning your medical career or searching for a new medmal policy after many years with the same carrier.

If you’re feeling intimidated or just don’t know where to start, you’re not alone. (They don’t really cover this stuff in medical school.)

At Aegis Malpractice Solutions, we know how intimidating the search for the right policy can be — and we understand the high stakes of getting it right.

We believe it shouldn’t be this hard for highly trained professionals like you to get the medmal protection you need. You deserve a simple solution that lets you quickly find and secure the coverage you need.

We’ve spent over 20 years completely dedicated to medical malpractice insurance, and we’ve helped hundreds of medical providers just like you find the perfect policy for their practices.

It’s simple and quick to get on your way to great protection and peace of mind. Just send us some basic info on you and your practice, then sit back while we find competitive quotes from the top medical malpractice insurance carriers.

We’ll help you compare each policy and finalize your application.

Then, once you’re approved, we’ll send along your Certificate of Insurance as proof that you’re protected. And we’ll stay in touch over time to ensure you always have the best policy for your practice’s evolving needs.

Request your quotes today.

There’s no sense in wasting time and resources shopping around for policies on your own. Let us handle the hard work (at no additional cost to you)!

We’ll ensure you get great coverage that protects the reputation you’ve worked so hard to earn, so you can get back to practicing good medicine.

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With Jennifer Wiggins

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Educate and empower yourself.

Malpractice Insights is Aegis’s free resource for educating independent doctors and medical practices on all things medmal.

We’re covering the topics our clients are curious about — from deciding between Occurrence and Claims-Made coverage to tips on improving bedside manner and how to avoid a lawsuit.

Listen to quick podcast episodes, read easy-to-digest blog posts, or sneak in a YouTube video on your lunch break.

Questions? We’ve got answers.

Generally, any provider of healthcare services (or anyone that provides direct/indirect patient care) needs medical malpractice insurance. This includes doctors (medical students/residents/fellows), advanced practitioners, allied staff, and their affiliated entities. In most states, it is mandatory for doctors to carry malpractice insurance. (Plus, many hospitals require it in order to have privileges at their facilities.) It is also common for healthcare insurance plans to require any doctor who participates in their program to have malpractice insurance.

There’s no federal law that requires doctors to carry medical malpractice insurance. However, many states do, and many hospitals require it in order to have privileges at their facilities. So whether you can practice without medmal insurance depends upon where you practice. (But just because you can doesn’t mean you should — not carrying medical malpractice insurance puts you and your practice at risk in myriad ways.)

Malpractice insurance provides coverage to healthcare professionals and entities for the liability that arises from a medical malpractice claim. In simple terms, it protects you in the event that you are sued for negligent or harmful medical treatment. Our free educational resource, Malpractice Insights, is a blog, podcast, and video series that covers many aspects of how malpractice insurance works, including posts about different policy types, policy limits, and the overall claims process.
We work with independent healthcare providers and their medical practices to find, compare, and select the best fit for their malpractice insurance needs. Sometimes they are just starting their medical careers after residency/fellowship training and some are transitioning out of a group or hospital employment arrangement to start their own practice.

We work with doctors and advanced practitioners who need coverage for:

  • Moonlighting work
  • Locum tenens
  • Independent contractor work

We also talk to established providers who just haven’t shopped around in awhile and need a fresh perspective to ensure they still have the right coverage for their practice.

From solo, part-time providers to large, complex medical groups – Aegis is here to serve.

Aegis works with the top malpractice carriers in the nation to provide you with a wide variety of policy options, depending on your individual practice needs. Occurrence, Claims-Made and Stand-alone Tail policies are all standard offerings when we shop around for our clients. Thinking about adding telemedicine to your practice? We’ve got solutions for you. Need to get your own malpractice policy for some moonlighting work that you want to do? No problem! From solo coverage to group programs, Aegis has solutions and resources to help you find the right policy for your malpractice insurance needs.

Our offices are in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Aegis Malpractice Solutions works with independent doctors and medical practices all over the United States. Contact us today to request your quote!

Independent agents are unbiased because they don’t work for a single company. They represent multiple carriers, which gives them the ability to shop around and find the best fit for you. Having access to multiple companies also benefits you because it drives competition, resulting in better pricing (lower costs for you). A direct agent’s first duty is to their employer. They are captive agents and can only offer one malpractice solution from one company.

Our services are completely free to our clients! Aegis Malpractice Solutions gets paid a commission by the insurance carrier when we write a policy for one of our clients.

Bottom line: It’s the same price! Insurance policies aren’t like typical consumer products, where the same item can be sold for different prices. Medical malpractice insurance rates are filed with and regulated by each state’s department of insurance, and carriers have the same rates for the policies they write direct versus policies purchased through an agent.

Aegis is relationship-focused. We offer a higher level of consistency and reliability in our approach to reviewing and selecting the coverage best suited for each individual or entity. Having years of experience in working with, understanding, and developing the careful nuances of medical malpractice solutions, we offer quicker turnarounds and an easier approach to educating and enlisting the most supportive solutions for healthcare providers and their practices. We promise every minute you spend working with us is a minute well spent.

Just like you would go to a dermatologist for a question regarding your skin or an orthopedic surgeon for a knee issue, it’s in your best interest to work with an agent who solely specializes in malpractice insurance when you need coverage. Aegis Malpractice Solutions is 100% focused on medical malpractice insurance, so we’re experts in the field. The average agency has limited knowledge of malpractice insurance — but with over 20 years of industry experience, Aegis CEO and Founder Jennifer Wiggins has an intimate understanding of the marketplace and is ready to answer all your questions.

We would love to be part of your event! Our CEO and founder, Jennifer Wiggins, speaks to medical schools, associations, conferences, and other events multiple times per year (both in person and virtually) on a variety of topics. She’ll prepare a custom presentation tailored to your group’s needs! You can book her for your event today.

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Claims-Made Vs. Occurrence Malpractice Coverage

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