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Whether you’re educating a small group of medical students or communicating with thousands of podcast listeners, Aegis will make medmal engaging, approachable, and super simple to understand!

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Jennifer Wiggins started Aegis in 2018 to give doctors and medical practices the tools and information they need to get the best medical malpractice coverage for their practice.

With over 20 years of experience under her belt, she knows how to turn dry facts and boring jargon into fascinating insights and news you can use.

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“Malpractice is an incredibly important topic, and Jennifer makes it easy to understand. We always get great feedback from students when she speaks.”

Dave, Program Director

“This podcast is perfect to listen to and learn from on the go!”

SJ796, Malpractice Insights Listener

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A few of our favorite topics

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Risk management strategies

What really makes a difference after an adverse event occurs

How to be a defensible doctor

Insights from 10 top malpractice defense attorneys

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With Jennifer Wiggins

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Jennifer hosts her own weekly podcast and video series, Malpractice Insights. She covers the topics and frequently asked questions Aegis hears every day — all in less than 10 minutes.

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Aegis CEO and Founder, Jennifer Wiggins, has shared her decades of expertise with a variety of audiences.

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